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Car Window Curtain Slidable Magnetic Car Side Window Parda Car Sunshade Curtain


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Colour:Multicolour Closure Type:Roll Up Curtain size:40x60cm Stick Size:70cm 2 Piece And 75cm 2 Piece

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  • BEAUTIFUL AND PRACTICAL:- made of cool nylon fabric, protects passengers from direct sunlight, they can be attached to the side windows or rear window of the car, you can see outside from the car so that your view is not affected.
  • COOL EXPERIENCE:- Is your car often exposed to the sun? Does it feel like you get into the oven every time you open the door? This product is suitable for most vehicles and can help your car isolate more than 90% of sunlight. Reduce the temperature in the car to make your car feel cool even in the hot sun.
  • WIDELY USED:- Suitable for window glass. It can be disassembled freely, saves space, not easy to fall off, can be placed anywhere when not needed, and does not take up space after shrinking.
  • EASY TO INSTALL:- Align the car side window sunscreen magnets with the iron window frame, ready in 5 seconds and very firm. The window curtain can be folded into a small size for storage.
  • LIGHT BLOCKING AND THERMAL INSULATION:- When the weather is hot, it can effectively block the sunlight, and play a role of insulation. It can block the light while sleeping in your car and create a comfortable sleep environment. When exposed to the hot summer sunshine, the car seat cushion becomes very hot. You can avoid this problem by using this sunshade curtain

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