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Heavy Hair Towel Wrap Towel Hair-Drying Bathroom Magic Hair Warp Towel


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Material: Manufactured from high quality Microfiber Fabric. This microfiber hair towel is the perfect bathroom accessory for any woman with any length of hair!

Quick Overview

  • SAVE YOUR BLOW-DRYING TIME: Unlike most other microfiber towels that absorb very little moisture from your hair, this incredible cotton towels will dry your hair quickly and naturally, reduce the risk of split ends.
  • INCREDIBLE ULTRA-STRONG ABSORBENCY: These miracle turban towels can leave your hair slightly damp and ready for styling, say goodbye to after-shower headaches!
  • RAPID DRYING: Cuts down on drying time, reducing heat damage (and laundry)! The absorbent properties of cotton make it great for wicking moisture away. Less moisture means less drying time — and that translates into healthier hair. Over-exposure to heat from blow-dryers contributes to frizziness and damage.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT SOFT SALON LUXURY: Treat yourself on the go. Easy to pop in your bag. Our portable hair towels pamper your hair anywhere you go
  • DURABLE MATERIAL: Made of microfiber fabric, so it can take the wears and tears of daily use - regardless of how often you enjoy long baths or hot showers!

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